Grief is a profound, life altering experience which takes more time, energy, patience, and fortitude than we sometimes think we can possibly muster.  If we live long enough and love deeply enough, grief will most likely become a part of our experience.  There are choices to be made; principle of which is “Do I intend to recover or discover my life purpose and passion.”  It CAN be done.  I know, I’ve done it.  My husband died and I felt like I did too.  That was 14 years ago and now I live a joyful, vibrant life.  Part of my joy is assisting others through grief.  That is the intent of this blog.   So . . . .

If you’re  new to grief or been stuck in it for a while, WELCOME.  Come with me.  I invite you to think of your experience of grief as a journey on an unknown river.  A river is big and powerful; we can neither speed it up nor slow it down.  I invite you to take it as it comes for as long as it takes.

In my next post we will talk about the unpredictability of the river and how to cope with that.

A question for you to contemplate :  Am I pushing the river (trying to hurry grief) or am I trying to stop or slow its flow (suppressing the feelings?)

I wish you peace for the journey!